What Are the Different Grades of TMT Bars?

Updated on February 7th, 2023 What is Fe? What are the types of steel bars What are the different grades of steel bars used in construction? SML brings you the best type of TMT bars TMT bars were introduced in 1979 under IS 1785:1979 and were available in grades Fe 415 and Fe 450. In 1985, a better […]

Types of Iron Ore in India and Its Production

Updated on February 7th, 2023 Types of iron ore in India Hematite- Main ore of India Magnetite- Black ore Limonite Siderite Iron ore production in India Rocks and minerals that can be commercially mined for their iron content can be referred to as iron ores. The ores’ colours vary and are caused by a high […]

Understanding the history and evolution of TMT bars

It is really easy to state that the history of TMT bars is the ultimate story of development. Right from the first-time steel was invented in the 13thcentury BC to the high-tech applications in modern times, steel is known to have powered various major economic, social, and cultural changes.

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