Social Responsibility in Action: Sree Metaliks Commitment to DDWO, Saanchi, and Medical Outreach

Social Responsibility in Action: Sree Metaliks Commitment to DDWO, Saanchi, and Medical Outreach

Published Date: 05 March, 2024
Updated On: 07 June, 2024

In contemporary society, companies have begun to realise the significance of social responsibility in creating a sustainable future. Sree Metaliks Ltd is a renowned company in the corporate world known for its unwavering dedication to social and environmental issues. The core of our philanthropic activities is the Draupadi Devi Welfare Organization (DDWO), the Saanchi initiative, and the Medical Outreach Program. In this blog, we discuss how Sree Metaliks is making a real impact through these initiatives, proving that doing good for others is what really matters in life.

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Understanding Social Responsibility in Business

Social responsibility implies that businesses should not only focus on shareholder value but also on activities that benefit society rather than just focusing on profit margins. This idea has become important for investors and consumers who look for investments not only for their profitability but also for their contribution to the welfare of society and nature. While historical arguments have indicated that business is naturally indifferent to societal interests, a change is taking place, especially among the younger generation, embracing social responsibility and leading revolutionary changes.

Advantages of Embracing Social Responsibility

The main benefits of social responsibility include improving the welfare of society and minimising negative impacts on nature. Companies that focus on social responsibility often benefit from improved financial performance because consumers prefer products and services from socially responsible companies.

Social Initiatives by Sree Metaliks 

The three main social responsibilities taken by Sree Metaliks are as follows:

DDWO: Transforming Lives through Education and Healthcare

Established in 2002, DDWO is a non-profit organisation under the Sree Metaliks Ltd. It has been a ray of hope for the poor in Odisha, India. The organisation's main goal is to offer education and medical services, thereby opening up the world of opportunities for children who would otherwise be left in the shadows of societal negligence. DDWO runs five schools that act as safe havens for needy children. These institutions do not only teach but also inculcate values that are beyond the walls of the classroom. DDWO seeks to end the cycle of poverty by providing quality education that will enable the younger generation to dream beyond their current situation.

In addition, DDWO operates a charitable hospital in Loidapada, Barbil, aimed at providing medical services to the poor and needy. The hospital has been a lifesaver for those who cannot afford medical attention since its establishment in 2004. The free provision of check-ups and treatment facilities ensures that healthcare is not a luxury but a fundamental human right. The team of committed physicians, fully equipped with modern medical facilities, works round the clock to provide continuous healthcare to the sick.

Saanchi: Empowering Women and Raising Awareness

Saanchi, a special project of Sree Metaliks, takes the process a step further by empowering women, differently-abled populations, and local communities. Saanchi’s mission is centred on the objective of creating awareness about menstrual hygiene, a crucial but often overlooked aspect of women’s health. Saanchi runs a production unit in Barbil, Odisha, where it produces sanitary napkins. In doing so, it not only meets a basic need of women but also provides jobs in the community. The project holds health and hygiene workshops in schools and local communities, teaching women and girls about menstrual health and debunking myths about it.

Saanchi’s effects go beyond personal health to the health of society. It helps promote the larger narrative of women’s empowerment by encouraging awareness and breaking taboos, thus stimulating inclusivity and understanding within communities.

Medical Outreach Program: Bridging Gaps in Healthcare

The SML Charitable Hospital at Loidapada, Barbil, is the flagship of Sree Metaliks’ Medical Outreach Program. The hospital was founded in 2004 and is a key provider of healthcare services to the economically disadvantaged. Apart from the regular medical services, the hospital conducts different health camps, targeting the nearby villages and meeting their specific health requirements.

The availability of free check-ups and treatment centres guarantees that people from low-income families can receive medical treatment without worrying about financial problems. The hospital’s dedication to continuous care of the sick is manifested by the team of doctors who are experienced with modern medical equipment.


Sree Metaliks Ltd provides an excellent model of corporate social responsibility by supporting DDWO, Saanchi, and the Medical Outreach Program. The company’s initiatives are not limited to charity; we represent a comprehensive approach to social responsibility that includes education, health care, women’s empowerment, and community welfare.

Through its active involvement in uplifting underprivileged communities, Sree Metaliks shows how businesses can be agents of positive change. By integrating social and environmental issues into its core business processes, the company not only guarantees its own sustainable future but also serves as an example for other companies in the corporate world to emulate. Indeed, being good to others is not just a good idea; it is the basis of a better, kinder world.