How Do TMT Bars and Construction Go Hand in Hand?

How Do TMT Bars and Construction Go Hand in Hand?

Published Date: 05 September, 2023
Updated On: 07 June, 2024

A beautiful home or an amazing office is a dream for almost all of us. When we think of these dream spaces, we visualize high rises, glass windows, gleaming paints, and grand architecture.
What we rarely pay attention to is what holds all these together – what is it that makes your dream home a reality in terms of structure?

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This magical element in modern-day construction is TMT bars. These TMT bars are required for house construction, flyovers, bridges, dams, large complexes, and any other modern structure you can imagine. The question is, why have TMT bars become so indispensable to construction across the world? Let’s find out in the next section.

TMT bars stand for Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel Bars.

● Before TMT bars became popular, most construction activities used raw materials of concrete, mild steel bars, and HYSD bars.
● For a while, these served the purpose, but over time, issues started cropping up. For instance, concrete was prone to high residual tension, mild steel and HYSD were, on the other hand, prone to corrosion and were easily damaged in cases of seismic activity.
● So, the need for a stronger, more durable, and cost-effective alternative was felt in the construction industry.

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This led to the rise of TMT bars.

● TMT bars are made from raw materials of iron ore, dolomite, and coal. During the manufacturing process, iron ore is shaped into pellets, and these are added to a furnace.
● Once in the furnace, hot air is supplied, and these raw materials are melted and, later on, solidified. It this post this that TMT bars undergo water quenching, self-tempering, and atmospheric cooling.

It is this elaborate process that makes TMT bars a force to reckon with in the construction world.

Why TMT Bars Are Integral to Modern-Day Construction.

The above process lends a few unique traits to TMT bars. These are:
● Strength – TMT bars are exceptionally strong and have high load-bearing capacity. This is what makes them so perfect in the use of construction. We are living in a world where high rises are seen everywhere. To build such large structures without compromising on safety, TMT bars are needed. Also, TMT bars are better than regular reinforcement bars offered in the markets. TMT bars also come in grades, so builders can pick grades based on the type of structure being built.

● Flexibility –Rarely is something strong considered as flexible. TMT bars are an exception to this rule. TMT bars are highly flexible and also light. Its lightweight quality makes it easy to transport and handle, while its flexibility makes it easy to mold. It is also because of this flexibility that architects and engineers can plan and build beautiful structures.

● Bonding With Concrete – Concrete is also another building block of most structures. So TMT bars need to bond well with concrete. This bonding is essential to ensure the overall strength of the structure and its longevity. TMT bars, have by far, displayed the most superior bonding with concrete compared to ordinary steel bars.

● Earthquake and Fire Resistant – TMT bars don’t just offer strength but also resistance. These bars have the unique ability to sustain high vibrations. This makes them ideal for seismic zones where homes need protection from earthquakes. Another property of TMT bars is their ability to resist fire. This is an integral quality, since factories and industrial plants are more prone to such accidents.

● Corrosion Resistant – Corrosion can slowly eat up the structure from the inside and make it hollow. This can then lead to a lot of damage to the structure due to repeated exposure to the elements of nature. TMT bars easily overcome this problem with their high corrosion-resistant properties. TMT bars withstand moisture without rusting. Therefore, TMT bars are widely used in coastal regions and also regions that experience heavy rainfall.

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