Why Ribbed TMT bars are safer for construction?

Why Ribbed TMT bars are safer for construction?

Published Date: 22 June, 2023
Updated On: 11 April, 2024

Construction is an ever-evolving industry. As the world develops, construction also needs to evolve and incorporate new processes. The industry is filled with everyday inventions that revolutionize the way structures are built. After all, the demand for infrastructure is unrelenting and will remain so in the future. 

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TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars are one such invention that has replaced ordinary bars with their strength, durability, and flexibility. Today, there are no modern structures built without TMT bars. These bars are easy to transport and install and offer long-term protection to structures. With so many benefits it is only fair that TMT bars be used in all forms of construction. 

While TMT bars have several characteristics that make them highly popular, the one that makes them stand out is the ribs on their surface. This ribbed surface is what lends TMT bars their strength and durability as compared to traditional steel bars. Let’s understand why TMT bars are safer for construction in the next section.

Understanding How Ribbed TMT Bars Are Made

Understanding How Ribbed TMT Bars Are Made

A unique manufacturing process is adopted when it comes to the manufacturing of TMT bars. This method is known as the Thermal Cooling method. The process begins with heating the raw material at a temperature of 1100 degrees. Then the bars undergo a process called quenching. 

Here the heated Bars are soaked in a specially controlled cooling system. This heating and cooling process is what lends high strength to TMT bars. In addition, soaking the heated TMT bars in water allows for the outer exterior to solidify quickly while the inner core remains soft. This lends flexibility to the bars. It is also during this process that TMT bars acquire the district ribs on their surface. 

These ribs appear as crosswise formations that are uniformly spread across the bar. This serves more than just an aesthetic purpose and it is these ribs that lend TMT bar their strength and tenacity.

Reasons why Ribbed TMT Bars Are Safer For Construction

Improves Bonding

 – TMT bars and concrete are indispensable to construction. TMT bars are used to strengthen concrete structures. For this to happen, TMT bars need to bond with concrete. This is made possible with the presence of ribs on TMT bars. These ribs create a stronger bonding and enhance the strength of the structure. This heightened strength makes the structure less susceptible to cracks and deterioration.

Load Distribution

 – Uniform weight distribution is integral to all buildings. If weight is not evenly distributed, then one part of the building may collapse. The ribbed feature of TMT bars helps avoid this by evenly distributing the weight of the structure. Thus, making the building stable and secure.

Improved Traction

 – The ribbed surface of the TMT bar offers improved grip to the concrete structure. These rule out the possibility of concrete slippage and guarantee strength.


 – TMT bars are known to be flexible. It is this malleability that helps constructors easily transport TMT bars. This also makes unique construction styles possible. This bendability in TMT bars is a feature that’s further enhanced by the presence of ribs on the bars.


Avoids Rusting –

Avoids Rusting

The presence of ribs offers higher strength and better grip and also helps reduce rusting. Traditional steel bars have become obsolete owing to high rusting percentages. Ribbed TMT bars, on the other hand, do not rust or corrode easily. Hence protecting the structure at all times.

On the other hand, plain TMT bars don’t offer these benefits. Plain or non-ribbed TMT bars offer less friction and their bonding capacity is also reduced. In addition, these consist of less carbon and silicon. Hence, these plain steel bars don’t offer the strength and flexibility of ribbed steel bars.

Sree Metaliks Limited Offers High-Quality Ribbed TMT Bars

Manufacturing TMT bars in India while adhering to international quality standards is no easy feat. Yet the team at Sree Metaliks Limited has made this possible. 

Incorporated in 1995, Sree Metaliks Limited has since then become a recognized name in the world of construction. The brand offers a range of construction raw materials from sponge iron, iron pellets, pig iron, and more. Each product manufactured in their unit at Keonjhar, Odisha is known for its high quality, durability, and economic pricing.

The brand also manufactures robust TMT bars. These bars offer high tensile strength, are resistant to corrosion, and offer durability. All factors that make TMT bars desirable. The TMT bars manufactured by Sree Metaliks Limited are one of the best offered across India. So, for your construction project, opt for ribbed TMT bars from Sree Metaliks Limited.