At Sree Metaliks, corporate responsibility means incorporating social and environmental considerations into our core business practices. We strive to build a sustainable future for upcoming generations through our infrastructure development policies and progress in all areas. Through our actions, we aim to uphold and exceed the social values of the wider community to maintain mutual benefit and harmony.

DDWO (Draupadi Devi Welfare Organization)

DDWO is a non-profit organization of Sree Metaliks Ltd in India providing various opportunities to children in Odisha. Since 2002, the NGO has been dedicated to providing education and healthcare services to the underprivileged.

DDWO operates five schools and a charitable hospital in Odisha.

Draupadi Devi Vidya Bhavan:

Draupadi Devi Vidya Bhavan is dedicated to providing children living near mining and plant sectors with a comprehensive education, spanning from nursery to middle school. The university is dedicated to developing a nurturing atmosphere that is suitable for the unique needs of the community in these industrial areas, with a focus on the holistic development of students.

Draupadi Devi School for Specially Abled:

The organization has a commitment to giving people with disabilities specialized instruction and support. The school seeks to empower students with various abilities by emphasizing inclusivity and individualized care, fostering an environment that promotes both academic and personal progress.

Draupadi Devi Cultural Institute:

The organization seeks to provide instruction in the fields of music, art, and culture. It provides a lively learning atmosphere by encouraging artistic expression and developing an appreciation for the arts through a dynamic curriculum. Along with academic knowledge, students gain a deep appreciation for and passion for various artistic and cultural endeavors.

Draupadi Devi Sports Academy:

Draupadi Devi Sports Academy is a prestigious institution focused on fostering athletic talent and achieving sports excellence. With its cutting-edge facilities and expert coaching, it provides a platform for prospective athletes to develop their abilities and achieve their sporting goals.

Draupadi Devi Bal Bhavan:

From pre-primary to preparatory phases, this educational establishment offers a whole learning experience, ensuring that children begin their educational journey under the right guidance and in a supportive environment. The school, which is dedicated to holistic development, offers a high value on providing each student an excellent foundation and combining academic achievement with personal development.

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Saanchi is a special project on a mission to empower women, differently abled populations, and local communities and raise awareness around menstrual hygiene in women and girls. Saanchi conducts various health & hygiene workshops in schools and local communities with the distribution of sanitary napkins produced from its own production unit situated in Barbil, Odisha.

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Medical Outreach Program

The SML Charitable Hospital at Loidapada, Barbil, in Orissa, is a comprehensive hospital dedicated to serving the poor and needy. The patients can avail of free check-ups and treatment facilities. Established in 2004, this charitable hospital is committed to providing treatment for general ailments. A team of dedicated and experienced doctors, with modern medical equipment ensures uninterrupted healthcare for the sick. We also organise various health camps and provides ambulance facilities for neighbouring villagers.

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