How to Store TMT Bars for Longer Durability?

How to Store TMT Bars for Longer Durability?

Published Date: 16 August, 2023
Updated On: 07 June, 2024

Well, it is a known fact that TMT bars will act out like a blessing when it comes to modern constructional work. It can be widely used in almost every possible constructional work, whether to cover the residential sector or the commercial ones. These steel bars are known to have played a significant role in the rise of the present construction industry. 

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Our team from SREE METALIKS is always ready to help you explore the vast options under TMT bars. We have these bars available in multiple grades such as Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600. The grading of the bars is mostly done depending on the tensile strength. So, once the grades get higher, the tensile strength is subject to growth as well.

Best way to make them perform well:

Best Tmt Bars

We believe that the TMT bars are likely to perform best whenever they are stored and handled properly. So, it is always vital for you to reinforce the bars, which can be handled and then stored without any cautionary points.

  • For enriching the level of efficiency big time, we would suggest proper and safe handling of the TMT bars.
  • As these TMT steel rebars are known to play a significant role in manufacturing the structural integrity and durability of the building, we would love to handle all the operations properly, at the construction site.
  • TMT bars usually need low maintenance, and this is evident from their anti-corrosive properties. If you invest in TMT bars from Sree Metaliks Limited then you can be assured that these bars won’t be prone to rust or corrosion, irrespective of external weather conditions.
  • These bars are to be delivered at an immediate pace to the construction workers when asked for.
  • Or, if we have to store the TMT bars for a longer period, we will ensure proper packaging or cover up the bars so that they won’t accumulate dust on top.
  • The temperature that we follow within the storage area is also another thing to be very careful of. It is vital to ensure that the storage space needs to have proper ventilation to create a space free from moisture or dampness.

    Although TMT bars are not very delicate, neither are they susceptible to corrosion, with more than two decades of expertise in the mining and manufacturing industry, Sree Metaliks Limited always recommends you store TMT bars with precaution.

Proper knowledge of TMT bars is important:

Proper knowledge of TMT bars is important

Once you are aware of TMT bars and what they are made of, it becomes a lot easier to keep them secure and maintain their functionalities well. If you want to secure the strength of your building, it is mandatory to opt for the best TMT bars for the same. We, at SREE METALIKS, would love to provide you with some general knowledge and information regarding TMT bars.

  • There needs to be a raised wooden platform to avoid any form of direct contact with the current mud-covered ground.
  • For ensuring a solid concrete strength over here, you need to avoid any excessive transverse and longitudinal load at the same time. If so, then it might damage the current rib structure.
  • The spaces in between the bars should be maintained properly. The distance will be around 1 to 2 meters for that equal load distribution throughout the structure or building.
  • The categorization of the TMT bars needs to be done as per the length of the material. It can start from 5.6 mm and will reach as high as 32 mm.
  • Toto prevents any form of collapsing and fatal accidents, stacking the bars on top of one another is pretty essential. There needs to be an alternation of the heights for various diameters as well.
  • The construction site might not necessarily need polythene bags but it’s always good to have them handy. 

We all know that TMT bars have a higher strength to help withstand all kinds of harsh climatic conditions. It will not just protect you from danger but will further ensure the security and safety of your place.

Things to do:

Things How to do

  • It is mandatory for us to ship the TMT bars immediately. Or if we need to store them for a longer period, they have to be properly covered or packaged.
  • It is mandatory to take care of the inside temperature where the TMT bars are stored. 
  • It is further important to ensure proper ventilation of the storage spaces. We have to be sure to take care of the fluctuations that will happen both inside and outside of the storage space.
  • We believe that it is vital to protect the TMT bars from decay and corrosion. So, maintaining a dry and damp-proof storage space is a good call over here.

Things you need to avoid:

Things you need to avoid

  • Avoid getting the TMT bars in contact with water droplets or dust particles. For that, it is always advised to never keep the TMT bars directly on the floor and always on a stand or platform.
  • The ability of the final product is vital as the main manufacturing process. So, you should never take this task lightly.

The final call:

  • Whenever you are trying to get the best TMT bars under multiple grade systems, we at SREE METALIKS will be your right call. Click at for more details.