Steel – The Core of Modern Infrastructure and Development

Steel – The Core of Modern Infrastructure and Development

Published Date: 12 January, 2024
Updated On: 07 June, 2024

If we told you to imagine a world without steel, you would probably have to imagine back to the time of the stone age. That’s how indispensable steel has become to our everyday life. Ever since the industrial revolution accelerated the manufacture of steel, the modern world has never been the same.  Every structure that is integral for economic activity and social development is designed with the help of steel. Roads, airports, commercial offices, warehouses, trains, residential complexes and so much are constructed with the aid of steel. This need establishes the steel industry as a core component of development. This has also led to massive investments within the field. Also Read: The Guide To Buying The Best TMT Bars

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The Indian Steel Industry – A Beacon of Growth

Steel production has positively impacted the development of India. Abundance of iron ore and limestone – the raw materials used in production of steel, has helped accelerate steel production in India. This acceleration is necessary given the increasing consumption of steel in the subcontinent.  India’s steel consumption has increased from 22 million tons to 105 million tons in the span of 4 decades. The sector contributes up to 2% to the country’s GDP. Not only this but the steel sector in India, provides employment to up to 25 lakh people. India has, over the years, proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the global steel industry. We are self-sufficient in meeting the internal demands for steel production and our ability to export 10.7 million tons of steel has increased our GDP.

The Indian Steel Industry – A Hub for Investors

From the above, we know that the steel industry in India is heading towards massive growth. The administration has recognised this growth and has introduced several schemes that will further accelerate the growth of the industry. Several initiatives proposed by the government in the housing, infrastructure and automotive sector, are supporting the growth of the steel industry. These focused efforts have invited domestic stakeholders to invest in the industry. India is also working towards becoming a major steel exporter and this has proved to be an added stimulus to investors.

The Best of Steel – TMT Bars

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