Unlocking the Power of MS Square Bars: Understanding Weight and Applications

Unlocking the Power of MS Square Bars: Understanding Weight and Applications

Published Date: 19 January, 2023
Updated On: 07 June, 2024

Steel bars are essential construction materials known for their strength and durability. Among the various types of steel bars available, MS (Mild Steel) square bars offer unique properties and versatility. Understanding the weight and applications of MS square bars is crucial for engineers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts alike. 

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Read on to know more about weight measurement and utilities of an MS square bar.

What Is an MS Square Bar?

As the name suggests, an MS square bar is a solid steel bar with a square cross-section. It has four equal sides and a smooth surface. These bars are usually manufactured from low-carbon steel, making them cost-effective while helping them maintain satisfactory strength and ductility. Square bars are available in varying sizes for diverse applications.

What Is the Unit Weight of Steel?

Unit weight, also known as specific weight or density, is the weight of a material per unit volume. In the case of steel, the unit weight is usually expressed in terms of kilograms per cubic metre (kg/m³). The specific weight of mild steel is approximately 7850 kg/ m³. This value remains constant regardless of the shape or dimensions of the steel bar.

How Can the Weight of a Steel Bar Be Calculated?

How Can the Weight of a Steel Bar Be Calculated?

MS square bar weight can be calculated by a simple formula. The MS square bar weight calculation formula is as follows:

  1. Weight of steel bar = volume of steel x density of steel

As already mentioned, the density of mild steel is 7850 kg/m³. 

Weight of steel flat bar = (length x width x thickness) x 7850

Let us look at an example to understand the calculations better:

Question 1 – 

A flat steel bar has a width of 40mm and a thickness of 20mm. So, what would be its unit weight?

Answer 1 – 

The formula for calculation is – the weight of steel flat bar = (length x width x thickness) x 7850

So, for this case, weight of steel flat bar = (1 x 0.040 x 0.020) x 7850 = 6.28 kg/m

This means that each 1m of this solid MS steel bar weighs 6.28 kg.

By using this simple MS square bar weight calculator formula, all queries related to MS square bar weight can easily be solved.

  1. If the length of the MS square bar is more than 1m, the formula for weight calculation is weight/m x length of the bar.

Therefore, if the bar in the above example is 4m, then its weight will be (6.28 x 4) = 25.12 kg.

  1. The formula for calculating the weight of a hollow MS square bar is slightly different.

In this case, the volume changes thereby leading to a change in area.

Let us understand the above-mentioned calculations through a simple example:

Question 2 – 

Calculate the weight of an 80 mm hollow square steel bar with a length of 1 meter with the thickness being 20 mm:

Answer 2 – 

Square steel bars have edges of equal length and square-shaped areas. If the edge length of a steel square is 80 mm on one side and all other sides are 80 mm, it is called a square steel bar as its edge length is the same on all sides. 

Side length = 80 mm

Side length = 80 mm / 1000 = 0.08 m (converting from mm to m)

Thickness = 20 mm = 0.02 m

Cross-sectional area = (side length)2 – (side length – 2*thickness)2

Cross-sectional area = 0.08 * 0.08 – (0.08 – 0.04) * (0.08 – 0.04) = 0.0048 m2

Weight of square bar = Unit Weight of steel x Volume

Weight of square bar = 7850 x 0.0048 x 1 m = 37.68 kg/m

An MS square bar weight chart can thus easily be prepared by procuring the MS square bar size chart of any manufacturer dealing in steel bars. With the formula and the examples shared here, you can create the weight chart of MS square solid as well as hollow bars of any manufacturer simply by knowing the length, width, and thickness of the square bars.

Applications of MS Square Bars

Applications of MS Square Bars

Now that we know all about calculating the weight of solid and hollow MS square bars, let us look at a few applications of these versatile construction materials. MS square bars are used in—

  1. The manufacturing industry for metal components like bolts, nuts, screws, and fasteners.
  2. Construction, including railings, fencing, and gates.
  3. Furniture like stools, benches, and tables.
  4. Protective barriers like cages and burglar bars.
  5. Breweries to reinforce steel vats.

The versatility and strength of MS square bars make them an ideal choice for several projects. Understanding how to calculate the weight of these steel bars can help us make informed decisions about material usage. 

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1. Are MS square bars suitable for outdoor applications?

Yes, MS square bars are often galvanized or coated to enhance their corrosion resistance, making them suitable for outdoor applications.

2. Can hollow square bars be used in load-bearing structures?

Yes, hollow square bars with appropriate dimensions can be utilized in load-bearing structures while offering weight reduction advantages.

3. How are MS square bars different from MS round bars?

MS square bars have a square cross-section, while MS round bars have a circular cross-section. The choice depends on the specific requirements of the project.