The use of TMT bars in roadway construction projects

The use of TMT bars in roadway construction projects

Published Date: 16 June, 2023
Updated On: 23 April, 2024

India is a rapidly growing nation. One which is widening its economic reach across the world. Within India, we now see large-scale construction and infrastructure projects occurring everywhere. The accessibility from cities to villages has greatly improved, aiding the movement of people and goods. This increased mobility and improved infrastructure are all markers of progress for any nation. Such milestones are achieved when the construction industry in the country is flourishing. 

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In India, the construction industry is growing at a steady pace. The experts in the industry are adopting international methods and processes to manufacture high-end finished products from abundant raw materials. 

One such construction component that has taken construction in India by storm is TMT bars. These bars offer high strength, ensure the longevity of the structure and provide cost-effective durable solutions.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes construction TMT bars so popular in India.

The TMT Bar Market in India

To understand the foothold of TMT bars in the Indian construction market, it’s important to understand the supply chain. Starting with the raw materials used in the construction of steel. India has abundant resources of iron ore. These reserves are found in Odisha, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Karnataka. Steel manufacturing plants are also strategically placed near these reserves. It is this abundance of raw materials that aids in the accelerated and voluminous production of steel. These factors have collectively contributed towards Indian becoming the second largest producer of crude steel in the world. In 2022, it’s projected that production of crude steel will further increase by 18% to 120 million tonnes.

Since the production of steel is high, so is the production of TMT bars in India. The TMT steel bar market was valued at 10.9 billion globally. India accounts for a large chunk of the manufacturing and distribution of TMT bars. Impetus and beneficial schemes offered by the government are further expanding the manufacturing capacity of TMT bars in India.

Odisha – A Promising Future For Steel Production In India

In the previous section, we covered states with high reserves of iron ore in India. Odisha is an indisputable leader on that list. The state is considered to be a mineral hub with high reserves of Chromite (92%), Nickel (52%), Bauxite (53%), Iron Ore (33%), and Coal (24%). With such a high prevalence of raw materials, many corporations have set up steel production plants in Odisha. 

The proximity of mines to plants is an added benefit since it reduces transport costs and accelerates steel manufacturing. The most famous steel producers like TATA steel, Bhushan Steel Limited (BSL), Bhushan Power and Steel Limited (BSPL), Jindal Stainless Steel (JSL), and Jindal Steel are all situated in Odisha. Due to the presence of these plants, the state contributes 33% of the iron ore production in the country and boasts of contributing one-fifth of the steel production in India.

As a result, many emerging manufacturers are also setting up bases in Odisha. This widespread steel production has propelled the voluminous production of TMT bars in India. Today, there are many notable TMT manufacturers in Odisha. These manufacturers are revolutionizing the way TMT production is carried out with modern technology and expert processes. One such is Sree Metaliks Limited.

Sree Metaliks Limited – TMT bar manufacturer in Odisha

Sree Metaliks Limited – TMT bar manufacturer in Odisha

Sree Metaliks Limited has been one of the earliest established mining and 2 manufacturing plants in Odisha. Situated In the Keonjhar district of Odisha, the brand was incorporated in 1995. Since then, Sree Metaliks Limited has become a recognized name in the construction industry. 

Sree Metaliks Limited manufactures a wide range of materials, including iron pellets, iron ore, sponge iron, pig iron, and TMT bars. The team Sree Metaliks Limited comprises experts who are involved in the strategizing of the best manufacturing processes. 

In addition, advanced technology and international manufacturing standards are adopted to ensure the best quality products are manufactured. 

These factors have led to the emergence of Sree Metaliks Limited as the producer of the best TMT bars in Odisha. Head to Sree Metaliks Limited to fulfill all your construction needs.