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Iron Ore: Essential Raw Material For Steel Production

Sree Metaliks Limited is among India's top iron ore producers. With over 2 decades of experience and industry knowledge, we provide the best products right from our mines to the end customers. Iron ore is an essential raw material in the process of making steel. All our products are made from superior quality iron, mined from our very own mines at Keonjhar, Odisha. As an important player in the iron and steel sector, Sree Metaliks concentrates on responsible mining practices to mine and process iron ore while upholding a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Steel Solutions for Dynamic Development

The core of our company is to contribute to the robustness of steel manufacturing and play a vital role in infrastructure development, driving economic growth in diverse sectors. Our finished products include top-quality sponge iron, billets, pellets, pig iron, and TMT bars. While manufacturing products, we follow utmost care and ethical mining practices to safeguard the environment and energy resources.



1. What can iron ore be used for?

Iron ore is a versatile raw material with numerous applications. Primarily, it is used in the production of steel, serving as a key ingredient in the manufacturing of various construction materials, vehicles, machinery, and appliances. Beyond steelmaking, iron ore finds use in diverse sectors such as infrastructure development, transportation, and manufacturing of household goods. Sree Metaliks manufactures products such as sponge iron, billets, TMT bars, pellets, and pig iron from iron ore. For more details, contact us.

2. What makes Sree Metaliks India’s leading iron ore company?

Sree Metaliks stands out as India's leading iron ore company due to its unwavering commitment to quality, sustainable practices, and technological innovation. The company's meticulous extraction and processing methods ensure the production of premium-grade iron ore and other products. The company's dedication to responsible mining and environmental stewardship further reinforces our leadership position in the Indian iron ore industry.