Cost-saving tips while buying TMT bars

Cost-saving tips while buying TMT bars

Published Date: 04 January, 2024
Updated On: 23 April, 2024

TMT bars play an undeniable role in the modern construction and infrastructure industry. Due to their superb flexibility, elongation, and ductility, TMT bars are popular choices for the construction of multi-story buildings, houses, as well as engineering structures. The enhanced protection provided by TMT bars makes it a good solution to preserve buildings from natural calamities like earthquakes and floods. 

TMT bars are massively in demand not just in the Indian subcontinent, but across the entire world. However, considering how expensive construction can be, here are some of the cost-saving tips that you must keep in mind while purchasing the best quality TMT bars in India

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  • Grade of the TMT bars:

TMT bars are produced from various combinations of metals that contribute to their strength and flexibility. A high-grade TMT bar is usually made from good raw materials used in appropriate quantities to ensure superior quality. 

Based on the type and quality of raw materials used, the best selling TMT bars in India are available over a variety of types and grades. Some of the TMT bars commonly used for construction in India include Fe415, Fe500, Fe550, Fe550D, and Fe600. While the highest-grade TMT bars are popular for their amazing tensile strength and are widely used for commercial and industrial constructions, lower-grade TMT bars have a superior ductile nature, making them the best fit for site work.

The price of the TMT bars is, however, dependent on the grade of the TMT bars. Therefore, before purchasing, it is crucial to look into your options and choose the one that fits your budget and requirements. 

For instance, Fe500 TMT bars are usually preferred over Fe415 TMT bars and are popularly used for industrial and commercial construction as they conserve up to 20% of the material used in their production. They are, therefore, more affordable in terms of their price. Fe500 TMT bars also have higher tensile strengths than Fe415 TMT bars. Due to this higher structural and tensile strength, fewer Fe500 TMT bars are required to hold structures, leading to more savings in terms of expenses. 

Similarly, TMT bars used in the construction of windows, railings, or construction of decorative items need not be of higher grades like TMT bars that are used for constructing building foundations, walls, or pillars. Hence choose TMT bars carefully as per the requirement to cut unnecessary costs.

  • The flexibility of the TMT bars:

Just like the grade of TMT bars, it is important to pay attention to the flexibility while buying the Indian best TMT bar. Flexibility plays a vital role in choosing TMT bars. Superb quality TMT bars have amazing flexibilities and are able to withstand heavier pressures and stress without compromising on the construction’s integrity. With flexible TMT bars, there is also lesser wastage during construction, cutting off additional expenses. TMT bars with higher flexibilities can even endure calamities like earthquakes, thus lowering the costs of maintenance and repairs. 

  • Resistance to corrosion, rust, and other damages:

The best quality TMT bars in India come with high resistance to physical damages, rust, and corrosion, making it an important factor to look into while purchasing them. Over time, TMT bars are exposed to great pressure, stress, and moisture, so having TMT bars that are resistant to physical damages, rust, and corrosion ensure a longer lifespan, thereby reducing costs of maintenance and repair. 

  • Certification:

Certification, or the naked eye test, is crucial before purchasing TMT bars. ISO certification on TMT bars indicates safety and quality standards.

Sree Metaliks Limited (SML) is one of the pioneering TMT bars brands in India. Operating since 1995, SML Titan TMT bars are widely used across India for the construction of buildings, high-purpose structures like bridges, and more. Other than TMT bars, Sree Metaliks Limited is also a popular choice for pig iron, billets, pellets, and sponge iron, available at budget-friendly prices. 

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