How the Government thrust on housing and infrastructure is raising the demands of TMT bars in India

How the Government thrust on housing and infrastructure is raising the demands of TMT bars in India

Published Date: 02 October, 2023
Updated On: 23 April, 2024

When you walk down any street in India today, you will see a large volume of infrastructural projects – residential, commercial, schools, hospitals, malls, and so much more. These aren’t just seen in urban spaces but even in rural areas, and it is this construction that is a marker of development.

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Any developing nation needs to have a solid infrastructure plan in place that connects one corner of the country to another. Along with this, all forms of infrastructure should improve the lives of its people. In India, dams, power plants, bridges, railways, highways, industries have all made accessibility easier and have propelled the growth of the nation. Keeping this in mind, the Government of India continues to boost the infrastructure industry with consistent funding and

Let’s take a look at some of the many efforts that the government is putting into scaling the housing and infrastructure industry in India.

Boosts Given To The Housing and Infrastructure Sector in India.

It is projected that India will become the 3rd largest construction market in the world by 2022. According to DPI, the housing and infrastructure sector stood at US$26.14 billion. Further to propel this growth, the government is already undertaking initiatives.

● In November 2021, India formed a quadrilateral partnership with the US, Israel, and UAE to focus on infrastructure development.

● In 2021, the Union Budget promoted 2 campaigns, ‘Housing for All’ and ‘Smart Cities Mission’, to further improve the infrastructure and housing accessibility in India. 13.75 crores are allocated to both these projects, further strengthening the sector in the country.

● Investments for the sector have been pouring in from conglomerates like Reliance Digital Fibre Infrastructure Trust.

● A key component in infrastructure is the power industry, which has received US$42 billion in grants for a 5-year period for a revamp that will improve and speed up the growth of the sector.

● Most recently, in 2022, the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan was announced, which is an initiative to improve infrastructure connectivity in the country. The vision is to reduce the travel time of goods, services, and people.

● Within housing schemes, the construction of 80 lakh homes is planned by 2023. This is a tremendous boost to the housing sector and will propel the construction of many homes in India, especially within tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

The boost to the housing and infrastructure industry is also leading to large-scale growth to the construction industry in India. Raw materials, labor, and building technology are all experiencing high demand in order to meet the increasing supply planned within the sector. This growth is especially seen in the demand for TMT bars in India.

How TMT Bar Manufacturers Are Benefiting From The Boost in Housing and Infrastructure Sector in India.

Let’s understand what exactly are TMT bars. Also known as thermo-mechanically treated bars, TMT bars have become pivotal to the construction of modern structures in India.

● These bars are known for their inner strength and external flexibility making them easy to carry and use.

● TMT bars have qualities that make them bond with concrete, hence making the
buildings reliable.

● With the boost in the construction industry, it is natural that TMT bars will be the first preference for builders everywhere.

So, TMT bar suppliers across India are stepping up to offer a wide range of bars to builders. One such TMT bar company is Sree Metaliks Limited. The brand was established in 1995 and since then has been producing high-quality SM Titan TMT bars.

● These bars are known for their durability and safety.

● Sree Metaliks Limited is a TMT bar manufacturer that produces TMT bars keeping in mind international standards.

● The SM Titan TMT bars are now known globally for their high strength and flexibility.

Such precise standards, coupled with the use of advanced technology, are what make Sree Metaliks Limited a leading TMT bar company in India. You can head to Sree Metaliks Limited to get the best TMT bars at reasonable rates in India.

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