5 Tips to Make an Earthquake Resistant Building

5 Tips to Make an Earthquake Resistant Building

Published Date: 07 February, 2024
Updated On: 11 April, 2024

For years now, our team at Sree Metaliks Limited has been constructing building materials that can stand against time and withstand natural disasters like earthquakes with ease. Earthquakes are one of the most destructive natural phenomenon as their seismic waves can destroy buildings and cause tremendous losses.

The worst part is that you never know when it is going to hit you. The higher the magnitude count, the more destructive the results. Therefore, staying prepared and building earthquake-proof houses from the start is always a good call. We manufacture all the essential construction materials, which will protect your dream property from earthquakes and the destruction that comes with them.

If you go up to your terrace and look around, you will notice something you wouldn’t have even five years ago. That something is the multitudes of high-rise buildings scattered across cities. These structures make up a large part of the infrastructure in most cities today. From high-rise apartments, towering malls, factories to large office complexes, all these buildings are making use of shrinking urban spaces by growing higher and higher. While looking at them, you may also wonder what it is that keeps these buildings afloat. After all, the higher the structure, the higher the safety risks and hazards. These hazards are mitigated with the aid of TMT bars. These bars are made of steel and display high levels of strength and agility to withstand high amounts of tension and load.

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Use premium quality iron billets for strength:

After years of successful results, we at Sree Metaliks Limited have been named one of the leading manufacturers of iron billets all over India. Our products are nationally known for their impeccable quality.

  • We produce each iron billet under extreme vigilance and guidance straight from our well-trained professionals.
  • With every passing year, we have seen continuous growth in iron billets’ sales and product quality. 
  • So, we ensure to manufacture the products after meeting all kinds of industrial standards. 

For earthquake-proof buildings, it is important to use quality iron billets for long-lasting results. We have those items for you.

  1. Look for a flexible foundation:

You can resist the ground forces by lifting the foundation of the building. So, focusing on premium vase isolation is mandatory. For that, you need to construct your building on top of some flexible pads made using lead, rubber and steel. Contact us for those flexible pads right now! 

When the base moves during natural quakes, the isolators will vibrate, but the structure remains steady. This method can absorb seismic waves and prevent them from moving towards the building.

  1. Using proficient iron ore pellets:

Pellets are mainly known as smaller iron ore balls, produced with better tumbler index from the iron ore fines.

  • These are used as a proper substitute for lump ore for producing sponge iron. It is also used for manufacturing in-blast furnaces. 
  • Sometimes, pellets are used for producing steel, used to construct household appliances, bridges and more. 
  • Stronger pellets will make your building strong and prevent them from tumbling down when an earthquake hits the ground.

Being one of the leading iron ore pellets manufacturers, you can expect higher graded pellets from our side.

  1. Using shock absorbers:

Much like cars having shock absorbers, building engineers are using these items for manufacturing earthquake-resistant buildings. The main purpose of these absorbers is to reduce shockwave’s magnitude and help the buildings to slow down.

  1. Shielding buildings from vibrations:

We are now working on concentric plastic and concrete rings, which are buried around 3 feet under the building’s foundation. When seismic waves hit the ring, they are forced to move through outer rings for easy travel. So, the waves are channelled away from the building and dissipated into ground plates.

Focus on these 5 tips to make your building earthquake resistant. For procuring top-notch construction materials, don’t forget to give us a call. Call us at 18002021355 for extra details!