Benefits of SML Titan TMT Bars in High Rise Buildings

Benefits of SML Titan TMT Bars in High Rise Buildings

Published Date: 12 November, 2021
Updated On: 11 April, 2024

If you go up to your terrace and look around, you will notice something you wouldn’t have even five years ago. That something is the multitudes of high-rise buildings scattered across cities. These structures make up a large part of the infrastructure in most cities today. From high-rise apartments, towering malls, factories to large office complexes, all these buildings are making use of shrinking urban spaces by growing higher and higher. While looking at them, you may also wonder what it is that keeps these buildings afloat. After all, the higher the structure, the higher the safety risks and hazards. These hazards are mitigated with the aid of TMT bars. These bars are made of steel and display high levels of strength and agility to withstand high amounts of tension and load.

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Benefits of using SML Titan TMT Bars in High Rise Buildings

Not all TMT bars are designed keeping in mind the high standards of quality. While there are many TMT brands in India, you must carefully select one that consistently delivers quality products. If safety, strength and durability are what you are looking for in TMT bars then Sree Metaliks is the top TMT brand in India, delivering top TMT bars. Here’s a deeper look into Sree Metaliks’ Titan TMT bars. These bars are designed with advanced technology that sets them apart from other TMT bars brands in India. The Titan TMT bars are considered India’s top TMT bars, and for a reason. Let’s understand why these bars are the best for all your high rise and other construction needs.

Agility and Flexibility – SML’s Titan TMT bars are highly flexible, display high ductility and bending ability. This helps you make pre-welded meshes and saves enormous amounts of time that would otherwise be spent on manual binding. This in turn reduces the overall construction time, helping you save on resources and finances. This detailed precision is the reason Sree Metaliks is considered the best TMT bar company in India.

Resistant to Fires – When building any high rise, the primary focus is always safety. Fire-resistant TMT bars add an additional layer of security and hence reduce the risk of fires. TMT bars, in general, have high resistance to increase in temperatures up to 600 degrees. The SML Titan bars are no exception and hence offer protection from fire outbreaks, ensuring the long-term safety of high-rise buildings and their residents.

Anti-Corrosive – Coarse Carbides are usually the cause of corrosion in common bars. TMT bars undergo a water-cooling process which eliminates the formation of these carbides. This anti-corrosive property improves the durability and longevity of high rises. Sree Metaliks takes great measures to ensure that their Titan TMT bars are resistant to corrosion. Adherence to safety standards is what makes them one of the top TMT manufacturers in India.

Earthquake resistant – TMT bars have soft cores, high ductility that helps them resist seismic loads. This safeguards high-rises from serious jolts and destruction in the case of earthquakes. This is an integral advantage of using quality TMT bars since these bars ensure the overall safety of the structure. The Titan TMT by Sree Metaliks is manufactured and tested for such scenarios, ensuring that the final product is everything it promises to be.

Economical and Malleable – TMT bars have great tensile strength and ability to elongate, making them easier to use in all types of construction. This also makes them a cost-effective option in comparison to other building materials. Not only is the low cost a bonus but TMT bars are also easy to transport and handle. This holds true for all TMT bars offered by India’s no 1 TMT bar company – Sree Metaliks.

Sree Metaliks does not just boast about quality but truly delivers on its promises. Several high-rise buildings have stood the test of time after implementing these TMT bars. Purchasing Titan TMT bars from means a guarantee that you will be delivered what is claimed about these bars. As a TMT brand in India, Sree Metaliks takes great pride in its range of TMT bars and continues to adhere to high standards of safety, transparency and quality in all its undertakings. If it’s TMT bars you need, then it has to be the best TMT bar company in India – it has to be Sree Metaliks.