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Sree Metaliks: Crafting Superior Steel Billets for Diverse Industries

Steel billets are semi-finished products of a steel manufacturing factory that are further sent to be processed into other steel products. Sree Metaliks produces steel billets, using state-of-the-art technology and strict quality control measures, ensuring superior metallurgical properties and consistency. These billets are strong and ductile, making them an ideal metal product across various industries.

Versatile Steel Billets: Shapes, Sizes, and Grades for Every Application

Steel billets come in various sizes, shapes, and grades, depending on their intended use. Our billets are available from 100/100, 125/125 to 160/160 sizes. Billets are a key link in the steel production chain, contributing to the versatility and strength of the final products used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries.



1. How are iron billets made?

Billets are produced by continuous casting or hot rolling methods. Right from melting sponge iron at the right temperature to adding corrosion-resistant alloys to the billets, every step is monitored by our highly trained technicians. Billets are used as a raw material for various downstream steel products. For more details, contact us now.

2. Why are billet parts stronger?

As the billets are produced by continuous casting methods, the process changes the complete structure of the metal itself. While making billets cast materials are heated and cooled more by the time, they become a finished product.