Why use TMT bars for constructing your dream home?

Why use TMT bars for constructing your dream home?

Published Date: 09 August, 2023
Updated On: 23 April, 2024

Your dream house cost you quite some bucks. You all dream of having a picture-perfect construction on a vast and sprawling land. When you think of these dream spaces, you always visualize high rises with glass windows, big open balconies, and grand architecture overall. Even though this outside look is what helps in selling a property, the real deal lies with what is within! If the foundation isn’t strong, then no matter how exclusive and grand the architecture looks, it won’t even stand a simple small natural hazard. 

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So, focusing on the best bars is important while constructing your dream home and there is no room to compromise on its quality. We at SREE METALIKS believe that TMT bars and construction work go hand in hand. Here, we will let you know why.

So many uses to follow:

Use of Tmt Bars

If you check it out, TMT bars are widely used for covering all kinds of modern-day constructions. Not just for building houses, but you can see the use of TMT bars to build dams, bridges, flyovers, larger complexes, and any modern structure that you look around. Now think for a second! If these TMT bars are used for creating such hardcore constructions and the ones which are used daily, then just visualize how important they are going to be to craft your dream home!

More on TMT bars:

TMT bars

TMT bars widely stand for thermomechanical Treated Steel bars. Before they even became popular among construction workers, most of the activities used raw materials of mild steel bars, concrete, and HYSD bars. 

  • For quite some time, these raw materials served the purpose. But, with time, multiple issues started to pop up.
  • For example, concrete was highly prone to higher residual tension. On the other hand, HYSD and mild steel were prone to high-end corrosion and were damaged easily during seismic activity.
  • So, there was always the need for a more durable and stronger cost-effective alternative, within the construction industry. That’s when TMT bars came to the rescue and we have been associated with these bars for a long time now.
  • TMT bars were made using the best materials. We use the best quality dolomite, coal, and iron ore for manufacturing the bars.
  • During this current manufacturing process, the ores are shaped into billets and then added to the furnace.
  • When the billets are in the furnace, hot air gets supplied, and the raw materials are then melted out and later solidified. 
  • As the last result, the TMT bars will go through water quenching, atmospheric cooling, and self-tempering.

The process seems to be quite elaborate and the final result is something to reckon with. The construction world, at present, is standing on different grades of TMT bars and there is no replacement found, as of now!

Reasons behind their growing popularity:

Now you must be wondering why use the TMT bars for constructing your home. Well, some of the major points are listed below for your reference now.

Able to withstand harsh climate and environment:

Able to withstand harsh climate and environment

Some of the harsh weather conditions are not just unbearable for humans but even for human-made structures. While most buildings are designed to withstand the power of the changing weather in various regions, extreme climates like chilling winter months, heavy rainfall, or even intense heat can deteriorate the building’s structure.

  • That’s the reason why you need TMT bars from our side for ensuring long-term benefits over here.
  • Our TMT bars are well coated using corrosion-resistant materials with a hard outer layer of martensite. It is a great choice for humid environments like coastal areas or regions with acidic soil.

Best for high yield ductility and strength:

Best for high yield ductility and strength

Forming a complex building structure will involve bending structural bars to get the different designs and building elements going. So, if your chosen bars are not strong enough and ductile for withstanding the bends, then you won’t be able to create some modern designs except the ones with just ceilings and walls.

  • Thanks to the corrosion-resistant TMT bars from our side, flexibility won’t be anything to be worried about.
  • These bars are flexible enough to sustain any form of bend and welding needs as per the design of your home.
  • These TMT bars from our side are designed in such a way that they will not show any deformation sign or cracks even when they are twisted or bent multiple times.
  • You should always consider the bending ability of the construction bars from our side, before starting with the structural design altogether. 
  • Bars, which tend to break while bending during installation won’t have enough strength for a long-term purpose.

If you don’t want to take any risk and want the structure to last for decades to come, then waste no time further and get hold of our TMT bars right away!

Increase the building life big time for sure:

Increase the building life big time for sure

If you ever checked on any construction site during the initial days of development, you might have seen some zig-zag formations made using TMT bars. Then these bars get covered up by concrete.

  • Have you ever wondered what holds the concrete at the ceiling, even when there is no brick in the middle? It is because the concrete surrounds the net as formed using TMT bars and will stick to them before it can get hard and rigid. 
  • Thanks to the corrosion-resistant coating on top of our TMT bars, the bars are well prevented from getting eroded with time. With passing time, it will further prevent any formation of spalls or cracks that might happen as a result of corrosion.

The final verdict:

The points, mentioned above, clearly state why TMT bars are best for constructing your dream house. A lot of money is at stake. So, we at SREE METALIKS will offer you different grades of TMT bars to choose from and then start with the construction process together.