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Governance - Ethics and Compliances

Sree Metaliks Limited’s success for the last 25 years is based on its conducting business with integrity, ethics and values and these will continue to remain the pillars of the company’s success in future. Our robust ethics and compliance program fosters a strong corporate culture characterized by transparency, accountability, fairness and respect.

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction is SML’s priority. We relentlessly strive to increase productivity through upgradation of technology and superior material balance while maintaining the quality assurance within the organization. We are an ISO, BIS and IS certified company.


It is our responsibility to return to Mother Nature with interest what we have taken from it. In this conscious effort, we have covered all the vacant areas in our plant with green cover. Besides, we have initiated numerous tree plantations in the last few years. Our entire plant area encapsulates water harvesting. Process water is further re-circulated and re-used in downstream processes to the last mile.

Our company is a pioneer in setting up the first Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Based 8 MW Captive Power Plant by utilizing waste gases of our Sponge Iron Kilns, taking an effective step in pollution control and environment sustainability. SML are continuously monitoring our air quality with ambient air quality monitoring systems.

Energy Management

Energy plays a crucial and quantitative role in our processes. We have made a conscious effort to reduce the energy consumption. Our Waste Heat Recovery Boilers have helped in power generation without combustion of extra fossil fuel.