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Sree Metaliks Limited is a leading iron ore pellets manufacturer in India with innovative techniques and vast exposure, producing top-quality iron ore pellets, which are round balls of iron ore used as raw material in steelmaking processes. The pellets are sought after by steel manufacturers for their consistent composition, high purity, and efficiency in the steelmaking process. Our commitment to quality and sustainability has made us a trusted supplier of iron ore pellets in the market. With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of every aspect of pelletisation, we deliver the best products.

Precision Crafted Iron Ore Pellets: Quality, Safety, Sustainability

With an extensive and well-equipped manufacturing plant at Anra in the Keonjhar district, bespoke iron ore pellets are produced. The controlled moisture and the inherent advantages of the wet process ensure the uniform size of the finished product and smooth operations. The end products meet the challenging demands of high quality, industrial standards, and accuracy. We produce ultimate quality while ensuring all the necessary precautions and safety at every step during the iron ore pellet manufacturing process. With a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and product excellence, the iron ore pellets manufacturing plant has earned a reputation as a reliable and preferred supplier in the market.



1. How are iron ore pellets produced?

Iron ore pellets are produced using a process called pelletizing. The raw material, iron ore fines or powders, is first blended to achieve the desired chemical composition. Then, it is ground into a fine powder and mixed with additives like limestone and bentonite. The mixture is pelletized by adding water and rolling it into small, rounded pellets. The green pellets are then heated in a furnace at a high temperature, a process known as induration, to harden them and create the desired metallurgical properties. After cooling and screening, the finished iron ore pellets are ready for storage, transportation, and use in steelmaking processes. For more details contact us now.

2. Where is your iron-ore pellet plant situated?

Sree Metaliks Limited plant is located at Barbil, Orissa. We are a premium pellet manufacturing company with a well-equipped and advanced pellet manufacturing plant in India. With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of every aspect of Pelletisation, we deliver the best products. For more details, contact us.