Facts That Differentiate Sree Metaliks Manufacturing Plant From Others

Facts That Differentiate Sree Metaliks Manufacturing Plant From Others

Published Date: 07 June, 2023
Updated On: 07 June, 2024

Sree Metaliks is a leading iron mining company in India, incorporated in the year 1995, with the aim of manufacturing iron and steel products that are great in quality, are durable, and are safe for the environment. We have become a known brand in the iron mining industry for our sheer dedication, high-quality products, and unmatched customer service. We are one of the best illustrations of comprehensive integration of diverse products with synergetic forward and backward linkage. Our brand caters to the successful and efficient manufacturing of various finished products.

We have two manufacturing units in Keonjhar, Odisha, built on the strong foundation of a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable team of experts and professionals. In here, we will explain the various features that make us different from the other plants within the industry.

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  • Our Products:

    SREE METALIKS LIMITED furnishes and manufactures the best quality products at competitive prices and create value for clients and stakeholders. Our high-quality and bespoke products include:

    • Iron Ore: This is an important and critical source of iron and steel and is used in almost every construction requirement across the globe. Sree Metaliks Limited is one of the largest and leading iron ore companies in India, serving the domestic and international coal, mineral, and natural gas industries. We are famous and trusted for our impeccable products, mining acumen, quality reporting and ethical conduct.
    • Sponge Iron: Sponge iron is an iron source relatively uniform in composition and virtually free from tramp elements. We are India’s biggest sponge iron manufacturers in India, offering sponge iron with unmatched quality and grade consistency. We work towards the aim of becoming a dependable partner to peripheral industries with our comprehensive product.
    • Pellets: Pellets are a type of iron ore fines with a better tumbler index than the parent iron ore and are effectively used as a substitute for lump ore for the production of sponge iron and in blast furnaces for the production of hot metal. Sree Metaliks Limited is a leading iron ore pellets manufacturer in India with innovative techniques and vast exposure to provide best Fe% in pellets.
    • Billets: We manufacture efficient and accurate mild steel billets in India, meeting all industrial standards. Right from melting the sponge iron at the right temperature to adding corrosion-resistant alloys to the billets, our highly trained technicians monitor every step. At the end of the production of cast iron billets, they are stringently and diligently checked for their properties and quality.
    • TMT Bars: TMT bars or Sariya is an ideal material to be used with concrete for making structures more robust and long-lasting. The high strength of the SM TITAN TMT bars makes them ideal for every construction i.e. Flyover, DAMS, Raw Housing, Apartments, Commercial and other infrastructures Sree Metaliks Limited manufactures the best TMT bars in India with impeccable and high-quality standards.
    • Pig Iron: Pig iron is a basic steel grade obtained by smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. SREE METALIKS LIMITED is known as the best pig iron manufacturers in India, offering premium quality pig iron and relevant products to all.
  • Manufacturing Excellence

    SREE METALIKS LIMITED is a company that possesses state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and the highest quality testing controls. Our manufacturing units and plants come with an expansive distribution network, each unique and productive in various ways. We are one of the best names in the industry owing to various accreditations and unmatched compliance standards. We have completely integrated plants with our own mines and we follow end-to-end in-house production with no outsourcing at any point and time.

  • Sustainability

    We are a trusted brand within the industry with sustainable standards and activities in place. We incorporated eco-friendly practices and activities in our units and plants for the betterment of mother nature and environment. Our company is a pioneer in setting up the first Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Based 8 MW Captive Power Plant by utilizing waste gases of our Sponge Iron Kilns, taking an effective step in pollution control and environmental sustainability. Our team and professionals make sure to continuously monitor the air quality with ambient air quality monitoring systems.

  • Strong Team of Professionals

    We take immense pride to be working with a team of experienced and knowledgeable workers and technicians. Each member of our team continually and successfully demonstrate their abilities to meet and exceed the diverse needs of our clients.

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