Premium quality TMT in India

Our modern world is heavily reliant on TMT bars for the construction of buildings, statues and other urban structures like bridges, flyovers and stadiums. TMT bars are most favored for constructions as they are unparalleled in terms of their tensile strength and durability. In addition, TMT bars are industrially manufactured for offering a higher strength reinforcement. They are typically known for their stronger outer core and tender inner core, ensuring greater flexibility and ductility. Due to their enhanced strength, TMT bars are popularly used for protection against floods, earthquakes, and other natural calamities.

What are TMT bars?

Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars or TMT bars are carefully curated and produced by TMT manufacturers to ensure optimum tensile strength and durability. TMT bars that are available in India are usually graded depending on their content. In manufacturing plants, TMT bars are graded as 550D, Fe500, Fe550 and Fe600.

As the superior qualities of TMT bars are not naturally found in Iron ores, TMT bars are artificially manufactured in industrial plants through processes like quenching, thermo-mechanical treatments, self-tempering, and atmospheric cooling.

Why use premium quality TMT bars for construction?

Superior grade TMT bars are commonly used for urban as well as suburban constructions. This is because of the unique benefits of TMT bars mentioned below:

  • TMT bars are extremely flexible, which is not just helpful during construction, but also allows them higher resistances against physical damages. Earthquake resistance TMT bars are widely used for regions prone to earthquakes and floods.
  • They are popularly known for their superior elongation, ductility, and better working abilities.
  • TMT bars offer greater resistance to corrosion and chemical reactions like oxidation and rust, making your construction durable.
  • They are cost-effective. Being lightweight, they can be conveniently transported at lower costs and require very little maintenance. 
  • TMT bars are eco-friendly since they can be recycled with their properties uncompromised.

Characteristics of high-grade TMT bars

TMT bars that are best suited for urban construction have the following properties:

  • Have a carefully proportioned blend of carbon and manganese for greater bonding capacities. The carbon-manganese content in TMT bars suited for construction is 0.42%.
  • Have a heat resistance of 600°C to 650°C.
  • Are characterized by their uniform rib patterns with wide elongated ends.

Sree Metaliks Limited’s (SML) TMT bars – the titan of TMT bars in India

Looking for the best TMT bar for your construction project? The place to find the best premium TMT bars in India is SML. They offer a wide range of high-quality TMT bars that are ideal for construction. Since 1995, SML has been recognized as a pioneering company that produces the best TMT bar in India. The TMT bars manufactured and distributed by Sree Metaiks Limited have a superior grade and are thermo-mechanically treated for higher durability and tensile strength. The Thermax manufacturing process allows the TMT bars to withstand physical damage, corrosion, and chemical reactions for a longer time. Other than the best TMT bars at affordable rates, SML also offers high-end iron ores, pig iron, iron billets, and pellets for construction and more. 

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Premium quality TMT in India

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