Here’s Why We Still Use Steel In Construction

Simple answer, in addition to being ductile, steel is also a safe and affordable metal. Therefore, using steel for construction comes with many benefits, namely, quick construction, prefabrication, reduced weight, architectural design and sustainability and while this list is not exhaustive by any means, as India’s top TMT bar company, we can affirm that steel is an essential component in construction activities. 

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If you are someone who wants to better understand the significance of steel in the construction process, then read on. We are an expert TMT bar company in India and we can help answer your questions effectively. 

The use of steel in construction makes the process significantly easy, reducing the requirement of manual labour by 70%, which guarantees increased safety on the construction site owing to the lesser number of people. Furthermore, the material is prefabricated and, as a result, saves time. Especially in congested areas — steel frames are already completed and only need to be connected with bolts. They are strong and will provide the required support. Using steel ensures a faster handover.

Prefabrication of steel has always been the case. This attribute makes the construction process hassle-free, and there is minimal wastage. Especially with the use of 3D models and CNC machinery, TMT manufacturers are known to provide material of exceptional quality. 

As a material, steel offers reduced weight to the building in comparison to concrete and also provides strength and stiffness. This means that the foundation of the building is lightweight but solid. This allows one to use smaller foundations on certain ground conditions that offer good support regardless of the size. The lightweight nature of this metal enables multiple refurbishments and extensions. Adding additional floors is easier when steel is incorporated into the structure. 

Steel is a versatile material and can be called an architect’s best friend as it helps them design buildings that look unique yet remain functional. When working with steel, an architect possesses the freedom of choosing the design, colour, texture and shapes. For instance, an architect may choose to form curved members or slender members to enhance the design. This combination of strength and durability makes it a highly effective material to use.  

It would interest you to know that steel is a highly sustainable metal. It is cost-effective, covers large spaces and is recyclable as well. For instance, in a steel-framed building, when demolished, the material can be used to produce different components. There is minimal wastage because at least 30% of the new steel today comprises recycled steel. 

Furthermore, buildings made using steel are fire and earthquake resistant. As a result, people prefer to use the material in their construction in areas prone to earthquakes. The material’s adaptability and resourceful nature ensure that steel is the ideal choice of material for construction purposes. The possibility of building a variety of designs and spaces with different kinds of steel makes it an excellent and wise choice for construction. The sustainability factor is a win-win for the business and the planet. 

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Here’s Why We Still Use Steel In Construction

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