Sponge Iron​

Sponge Iron

India is the world’s largest producer of sponge iron, most of which is produced primarily through the coal-based method of production. Its production is set to rise with upcoming capabilities. Sponge iron is known to be a metallic product manufactured through direct reduction of iron ore in the solid state.

It is a standby for scrap and is mainly used in making steel through the secondary route. Sree Metaliks Limited furnishes and manufactures the best quality products at competitive prices and creates value for both its clientele and stakeholders. We are one of the biggest sponge iron manufacturers in India and aim to become a dependable partner to peripheral industries with our comprehensive product mix.

sponge iron
Sponge Iron Manufacturer

Sponge Iron Manufacturer in India

Sponge iron, also known as direct reduced iron, is produced from the direct reduction of iron ore. The level of metallization shows the quality of sponge iron.Sree Metaliks Limited is one of the leading sponge iron manufacturers in India, built on a strong foundation of a dedicated and experienced team of experts and professionals. We have always strongly invested in our business to manufacture in the most efficient manner, maintaining high quality.

Our Sponge Iron Manufacturing Plant

Since its inception, Sree Metaliks Limited has risen to become a major player in the iron mining industry in India. We offer standard quality as per specification. Our sponge iron is known to produce unmatched quality and grade consistency. Our quality systems are extremely robust, which allow us to work to the stringent quality.  
Sponge Iron Manufacturing Plant

Applications of Sponge Iron

Being a leading and pioneer iron ore mining company, Sree Metaliks is one of the best sponge iron manufacturer in India. Consistent availability of quality raw material from our mines have enabled cost-effective manufacturing of our finished products.

Application of sponge iron in Steel Industry
Application of sponge iron in Steel Industry:
  • A standout amongst the basic and most essential raw material required for the production of different steel/iron-based products such as Billets
  • It is a part-substitute for steel scrap. It is necessary for assembling steel by induction furnaces and electric arc furnaces.
  • The waste gases generated from the process of producing sponge iron are utilized in generating power making the Plant eco friendly

Direct Reduced Iron Process

Chemical Composition of SML Sponge Iron

Chemical % Size
Fe (M) 80-85 3 mm to 20 mm
Fe (T) 92-93
Carbon 0.15
Sulphur 0.030 – 0.035
Phosphorus 0.055
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