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What is Iron Ore?

Iron ore is the most critical mineral resource for any Iron and Steel Industry world over. Knowingly or unknowingly, we use substantial amount of iron in our day to day life that it is practically impossible to imagine life without this mineral resource. Sree Metaliks Limited, with its own captive mines, is one of the leading iron ore producing companies in India. The company utilizes the resource in its Integrated Steel Plants to manufacture finished products such as Sponge Iron, Billets, TMT Bars, Pellets and Pig Iron

Iron ore
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Iron Ore Miners in India

Sree Metaliks Limited balances the needs of its customers with multiple excellent products. Our team of professionals have continually and successfully demonstrated their abilities to meet and exceed the needs of a diverse base of clients. We are one of the best iron ore miners in the country, manufacturing products with utmost care, safeguarding the environment and saving energy. Our nationwide stature is demonstrated by our efficient work and products. As a reputed iron ore company in India, we are respected for our mining acumen, quality reporting, and ethical conduct. We aim for a positive impact on the communities we operate in with our legacy of good work and products.

India's Leading Iron Ore Company

Amidst the various iron companies in India, what makes Sree Metaliks Limited stand out is our forward & backward integration, giving us the edge of cost-effective manufacturing of products. With our own Iron Ore captive mines, Integrated Steel Complexes, commitment and integrity we have upheld unmatched business ethics. Our company sets standards of good business practices with high principles of working and constant strive for excellence. 

Iron Ore Mining
Iron Ore Production

Iron Ore Production Capacity

Iron ore is mined from the rich mineral belt and crushed into lumps & fines from which various iron products are processed. The use of iron ore is vast & varied. Having a sound background and many years of experience in the business,  Sree Metaliks Limited has its own captive Iron Ore Mines at Khanbandh and its integrated manufacturing units in Rugudi & Anra, all situated in Keonjhar District, Odisha. We are one of the biggest sponge iron manufacturers in India and aim to become a dependable partner to peripheral industries with our comprehensive product mix

Frequently Asked Questions

Iron ore is the source of most of the iron and steel industries globally. It is an essential element in the production of steel, which in itself is essential in maintaining a strong industrial base. Sree Metaliks is one of India’s best iron ore manufacturers and has its own captive mines. We are amongst the top iron ore mining companies in India. We manufacture products such as sponge iron, billets, TMT bars, pellets and pig iron. For more details, contact us.

What makes us the leading iron ore producing company in India is our forward and backward integration, which gives us the edge of cost-effective manufacturing of products. Our team works with thorough work ethics and sets good business practices with high principles of working and constant strive for excellence. To know more about the best iron ore manufacturer in India, contact us.

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