Iron Ore Pellets

Iron Ore Pellets

Pellets are small balls of iron ore produced from the iron ore fines with a better tumbler index than the parent iron ore and are effectively used as a substitute for lump ore for the production of sponge iron and in blast furnace for the production of hot metal. Pellets are used in the production of steel which is used in the construction of bridges, cars, planes, bicycles, household appliances and much more. Sree Metaliks Limited is a leading iron ore pellets manufacturer in India with innovative techniques and vast exposure. We produce high grade of iron ore pellets.

Iron Ore Pellets
ball mill for Iron Ore Pellets Manufacturing

Iron Ore Pellets Manufacturer in India

As a leading iron ore pellets manufacturer in India, Sree Metaliks markets its product in both domestic and international markets. With an extensive and well-equipped manufacturing plant at Anra in the Keonjhar district, we are one of the best iron mining company in the region, producing the best iron ore pellets. The controlled moisture and the inherent advantages of the wet process ensure the uniform size of the finished product and smooth operations. All our products meet the challenging demands of high-quality, industrial standards and accuracy. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Anra and the highest quality testing controls. We produce ultimate quality while ensuring all the necessary precautions and safety at every step during the iron ore pellet manufacturing process.

Our Iron Ore Pellets Manufacturing Plant

Sree Metaliks Limited is a premium pellet manufacturing company with a well-equipped and advanced pellet manufacturing plant in India. With an in depth knowledge and understanding of every aspect of Pelletisation, we deliver the best products. Our team of subject matter experts ensure a hassle free experience to our customers. Timely and satisfactory delivery of our products in a well-planned & organised manner gives us an edge over competition, making us your best choice of iron ore pellet manufacturing partner in India. 

Iron Ore Pellets Manufacturing Of Sree Metaliks
Pellet Plant Structure

Specification of SML Pellets​

Specification % Tolerance
Fe (T) 64 (+/- 0.50)
SiO2 4.25 Maximum
AI2O3 3.25 Maximum
CaO + MgO 1 Maximum
Tumbler Index 93.50 (=/- 0.50)
Cold Crushing Strength 220Kg/Pellet (+/- 10)
Porosity 20 Minimum
Size Analysis
5mm – 18 mm 90 Minimum
-5 mm 5 Maximum
+18 mm 5 Maximum
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