Various Tests To Ensure The Best Quality TMT Bars

Steel is a crucial component of construction. It is only fitting that the quality of TMT bars, one of the most commonly used materials, is excellent. After all, building a structure is a huge exercise and investment that ought to yield consistent returns. The building needs to be strong and durable to survive wear and tear. 

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TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars are high-strength reinforcement bars that are used in the construction of buildings to keep them standing in the event of an earthquake. These bars also enable the longevity of the structure. Good quality TMT bars provide additional strength of 20% over normal steel ones. 

In order to be sure of the quality of the TMT bars used in construction, you must ensure that you have purchased quality material from certified vendors. Make a list of the top iron ore manufacturers in India before you decide on a vendor. You can also examine the quality of the material by carrying out various tests. 

Finding the right set of TMT bars can be a challenge. Essential characteristics of good quality TMT bars include strength and elongation. However, you should also keep the following pointers in mind before you make the big purchase:

  1. You may use what is called the UTM (Universal Testing Machine) to determine the strength of a TMT bar. According to IS 1786 specifications, if you want to run the test without a machine, then bars of only up to 32 mm capacity can be tested. This method is called the tensile test. 
  2. You may also do a bend and re-bend test at the construction site. The former method entails bending the TMT bar at 180 degrees angle and observing the same. The bar should not crack or rupture if it is of good quality. You may also do the re-bend test, which entails bending the bar at 135 degrees and observing the same. Then you can place the bar in 100 degrees Celsius water for 30 minutes and bend it at 157 degrees. Observe the rebar and see if it cracks.
  3. You can also take the yield stress test. In this test, you need to ask questions such as, can this bar take stress, and up to what level? When will it begin to deform plastically? Up to what point will it deform elastically and so on. This is also called the 0.2% proof test. If you have more questions on this test, you can always contact the best iron ore miners in the country for more help.
  4. Lastly, you can conduct a chemical analysis test using a spectrometer. The results arrive in about 10-15 seconds. The result is the composition of the chemicals present in the TMT bar. The percentage of carbon, sulphur, manganese, chromium is shown in this test.

Armed with these pointers, we are confident that you will not compromise on the quality of TMT bars you purchase. Browse through our website sree metaliks for more information on our TMT bars.

Various Tests To Ensure The Best Quality TMT Bars

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