The best TMT bars manufacturer in India: Sree Metaliks

Updated on February 4th, 2022

Construction is not just bricks, stones, steel, iron or concrete. Every structure is a space of development, growth, and dreams. We at Sree Metaliks Limited recognise the importance of these spaces in the lives of people. This is why, since we started in 1995, we have worked towards creating, manufacturing and distributing high-quality construction materials. This includes the manufacturing of TMT bars, which are an indispensable part of construction.

TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bars are high strength reinforcement bars. Here’s what has made TMT bars popular in the construction industry.

  • These bars have a strong outer build and a soft inner core. This is achieved during the manufacturing process. The process involves quenching hot bars with water as they roll out of mill stands. This increases the strength of the bars while also keeping flexibility.

  • TMT bars are resistant to quakes, have high durability and strength. This strength, coupled with malleability, makes these bars perfect for use in all forms of construction activity.

At Sree Metaliks Limited, our TMT bars are designed to offer optimum value. The entire manufacturing process of TMT bars, from start to finish, is done with utmost care and precision. This is how we have become one of the best TMT bar companies in India. 

  • We proactively work with professionals and experts who share inputs on all aspects of the manufacturing process. Starting from raw materials used, quality testing, technology adoption to distribution models – everything is done with expert guidelines so the best product reaches the end consumer.

  • We invested in developing high-end manufacturing facilities in Keonjhar, Odisha. This enables us to have more control over the quality of products we manufacture.
  • Our TMT bars specifically are produced under the brand name SML TITAN. These are manufactured at our Loidapada (Odisha) plant. The unique facet is that we have used the hot billet process, an in-house technology, to manufacture these bars.

  • While we leave no stone unturned to ensure quality, we also measure our TMT bars to international guidelines and standards. We have gained licences from Thermax Quenching System & Technology, Germany. These licences are testament to our commitment to delivering products that stand the test of time.

With such elaborate mechanisms in place, we strive to be the best TMT bar manufacturers in India. This is also possible because of the quality of our TMT bars with the latest technology. These offer: 

  • Enhanced strength making these the best TMT in India for use in construction of roadways, highrises, dams and other high-intensity projects.

  • The strongest grip TMT bars are available with us. This technology makes it easy for bars to grasp onto concrete and further solidify the structure.

  • Our Titan TMT bars have a high resistance to wear and tear, adding an increased layer of safety to the structure. This also includes earthquake resistance, making it ideal for use in earthquake-prone regions. We have also ensured that our TMT bars are fire resistant to ensure the protection of structures and their residents.

  • Uniform size, weight and flexibility of TMT bars ensure that there is harmony within the structure. It also makes it easier for onsite developers to plan the structure.

When we promise quality to our consumers, we deliver on it. Our high-grade, high-quality TMT bars are cost-effective, so more structures can be built on pillars of safety. This access, coupled with delivering durable TMT bars makes us one of the best TMT bar manufacturers in India. It is above all your trust that makes us continue to strive to optimise our products and processes. Explore a range of high-quality construction material on our website and be assured that Sree Metaliks Limited has the best interest in mind for your construction project.

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The best TMT bars manufacturer in India: Sree Metaliks

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