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TMT bars are widely used across the world for various types of construction, from buildings, statues and installations to structures like bridges, stadiums and flyovers. The reason behind this immense popularity of TMT bars is the enhanced strength and durability they provide. TMT bars produced by leading TMT bar manufacturers like Sree Metaliks […]

Why choose TMT bars of integrated plants instead of small rolling mills?

India has experienced massive growth in terms of infrastructure and construction over the last decade. With more and more construction-related projects being taken up across the country, there is a rising demand for high-grade TMT bars. Thermo-mechanically Treated or TMT bars have become one of the most essential requirements for modern […]

Cost-saving tips while buying TMT bars

TMT bars play an undeniable role in the modern construction and infrastructure industry. Due to their superb flexibility, elongation, and ductility, TMT bars are popular choices for the construction of multi-story buildings, houses, as well as engineering structures. The enhanced protection provided by TMT bars makes it a good solution to […]

Which TMT Bar to buy for building your house?

The infrastructure and real estate industries have shown significant growth over the last decade. As India prepares for better construction and infrastructure, there is a massive rise in the demand for construction materials, including TMT bars, pig iron, pellets, and iron ores. If you’re looking to buy the best TMT bar for building your house, […]

5 Sectors and Industries Where Steel Plays an Important Role

Steel is a popular commodity across industries that can be found anywhere and everywhere around you. From the house you live in and the car you drive to electrical gadgets and soda cans, steel is ubiquitous. The steel sector finds use in various sectors such as construction & infrastructure, engineering, fabrication, automotive, […]

Competition In Pellet Manufacturing In India

India is amongst the top 5 countries in iron ore pelletisation capacity. Palletizing is a process of converting very fine iron ore into uniform sized pellets, very convenient and fit for use in blast furnace and direct reduction furnace. Indian pellet manufacturing industries can be classified into two major categories. Pellet manufacturing for captive use […]

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