Benefits of having the right grip TMT rebars for strong bonding with concrete

You might be working in the construction industry or are looking at building a home.
Both are exciting and slightly scary endeavours. Why?

  • Infrastructure is a high-risk and high-reward process.
  • The risk involved is ensuring that any project is made to protect people who utilise the space, the reward is the satisfaction of watching your dream project turn into real and practical space. The risk factor, though, has been mitigated over the years.
  • New innovations in construction material and technology have made construction a fairly safe practice.
  • So today, we see more architectural marvels with unique designs stand strongly despite facing the elements and damage through the years.

There is one ancient ingredient, though, that makes this model marvels possible. That ingredient was first discovered in Israel and was used, as one of the ingredients, by the ancient Egyptians in building the pyramids of Giza. 

Wondering what this ingredient is? You have heard of it too and have probably used it. It’s concrete. The building blocks of all construction stem from concrete. This material has many amazing properties, let’s learn more about it:

  • Concrete has the ability to strengthen over decades – strengthen, not weaken.
  • So, suffice to say, it’s a cost-effective material that offers durability and longevity. 

Yet, even concrete can do with a little bit of support. That support is delivered by yet another construction marvel TMT bars.  Now the question you may have is if concrete is strong enough in and of itself, then why use TMT? 

  • TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated Barcs) are used in general-purpose concrete reinforcement, construction of bridges, highways, high rise buildings, metro lines, and more. The scale of these projects will tell you enough about the importance of such bars and their strength.
  • Concrete strengthens with time, but initially, it needs support to carry load tension or bear heavy loads. If not supported, cracks may develop. 
  • This problem is combated with a successful combination of steel and concrete. This bond between both materials ensures stability and optimum performance.
  • During construction, a process of concrete reinforcement is followed. Like any material, concrete too can be exposed to contaminants during construction.
  • These contaminants break the initial steel-concrete bond and disable the structure. Thus, TMT rebars are used in reinforcing concrete.
  • Ordinary bars are not used during reinforcement since contamination can reoccur, but in the case of TMT bars, this problem is eliminated.

 Over time this process came to be known as Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC). This combined material has been a game-changer in the industry and has made construction safer and more durable than before. All this became possible with the introduction of high-quality TMT bars. Here are some quick guidelines to follow when purchasing TMT bars

  • When you want to use TMT bars for RCC make sure you opt for one that offers superior grip. 
  • Settling for a low-quality bar will solve your construction problems temporarily only to add to more problems later. 
  • Today, the market is filled with a large number of TMT bars, so it’s harder to choose the right one. 
  • High-quality TMT bars are anti-corrosive and have superior strength. 
  • This strength comes from multiple tests that TMT bars undergo. From Tensile Test, Yield-Stress Test, Percentage Elongation Test or Bend and Rebend Tests – each determines the strength, grip capacity, durability, bonding capability, and flexibility of these bars. 

Only when all these tests are successfully passed should a TMT bar be used in construction.

  • It is with these standards of testing and quality that Sree Metaliks, a TMT manufacturing company, delivers its TMT bars with super grip technology.
  • Each bar is meticulously tested and only then released in the market.
  •  This ensures that when you purchase TMT bars from Sree Metaliks you receive nothing less than perfection in strength and durability.
  • If you believe that you need to pay a high price for this quality then you are mistaken. Sree Metaliks wants people to have access to good quality construction materials and their cost-effective TMT bars are a testament to this philosophy.

As one of the Integrated steel plants in India, Sree Metaliks works to offer one of the best and certified TMT bars in India. Visit to know more about these high-quality products.

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Cost-saving tips while buying TMT bars

Benefits of having the right grip TMT rebars for strong bonding with concrete

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