Applications of Iron Ore Pellets

When you think of construction you often think of steel and concrete. These are, no doubt, important elements that are integral to construction but what forms these elements? Little do most of us know that Iron Ore is an integral component in the formation of steel. 98% of Iron Ore produced globally is used as raw material in the construction of steel. What type of Iron Ore is used in the production of steel? Let’s find out.

Often Iron Ore is manufactured and converted into Pellets. These are oval lumps of iron ore which are hardened using fuel. Iron Ore Pellets are then used in the production of steel.

Pellets are usually preferred instead of raw Iron Ore because it allows for maximum utilisation of iron ore. This is important since iron ore reserves are depleting globally. So methods like pelletizing and sintering ensures that there is no waste of this precious resource.

Having understood the importance of these pellets, let’s see why they play an important role in the production of steel. These pellets act as substitutes for sinters or calibrate lumps in the blast furnace stage of steel production.

  1. High porosity ensures that the reduction process is accelerated.
  2. The unique shape of Pellets – spherical with open pores, ensures permeability. This aids in furnace operation.
  3. The inherent strength of Pellets ensures great resistance to disintegration.
  4. Uniform chemical composition of pellets ensures that the steel produced is of high quality.

Iron Ore manufacturers in India have recognized the high utility of pellets in steel production. With this recognition has come an acceleration of iron ore pellet production. More units and technology is dedicated to the production of these pellets. After all, anything that aids the production of steel – a metal we heavily rely on as a civilization, is welcome. 

The importance and demand for steel is projected to grow in the coming years. Which is why Iron ore companies in India such as Sree Metaliks are increasing their ore production. We are a brand that is pioneering this growth with an advanced manufacturing plant in Anra, Keonjhar district. These pellets are then shipped to domestic and international markets. To export a product such as Iron Ore, high quality needs to be maintained. This standard of high quality is achieved by a controlled process. Sree Metaliks also ensures that extensive testing is carried out before these pellets are introduced to the market. This leads to high-quality products produced with utmost safety and precautions.

With brands like Sree Metaliks upping the standards of production, the quality of steel produced in India will invariably rise. This opens the market up for more investment and exports. As one of the most responsible and value-driven Iron ore companies in India, Sree Metaliks is aiding the flourishing of steel production in India. 


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