Month: February 2022

Top 5 iron ore products in India

The world around is abundant in minerals and resources. Some help us survive, while others help us thrive as a civilisation. Iron Ore is one such mineral. India is rich in Iron Ore deposits and is the fourth-largest producer of iron ore globally. This abundance helps in creating several products and by-products that are extensively […]

The Best Tmt Bars Manufacturer in India: Sree Metaliks

Construction is not just bricks, stones, steel, iron or concrete. Every structure is a space of development, growth, and dreams. We at Sree Metaliks Limited recognise the importance of these spaces in the lives of people. This is why, since we started in 1995, we have worked towards creating, manufacturing and distributing high-quality construction materials. […]

Construction Industry in India – Creating Modern Marvels Since Ancient Times

Visit any city in India, and you will see a monument that displays great architectural beauty. This is not just limited to ancient sights, but modern constructions as well. In a few decades, the construction industry in India has grown exponentially. It’s mainly divided into 3 core categories depending on the type of construction and […]

The Importance of Steel & Iron Industry in Development

Try to imagine our modern world without tall skyscrapers, malls, transportation, and almost every other invention. Impossible, right? It’s all thanks to the availability of iron and steel. That’s the extent to which the Iron and Steel industry has penetrated the world of construction. So much so that the volume of steel consumption is now […]

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