Month: August 2021

The Guide To Iron Ore Pelletizing

Some reasons how iron ore pellets are useful All about iron ore pellets manufacturing Iron ore pellets are hardened, small spheres with a maximum diameter of about 20mm. They are mostly used as raw materials in iron/steel manufacturing industries such as Sree Metaliks. Pelletizing, as a process, was introduced to the world only post WWII. […]

Steel – The Core of Modern Infrastructure and Development

If we told you to imagine a world without steel, you would probably have to imagine back to the time of the stone age. That’s how indispensable steel has become to our everyday life. Ever since the industrial revolution accelerated the manufacture of steel, the modern world has never been the same. Every structure that is integral […]

Why is Billet Manufacturing so Important?

Before we delve into that, let us understand what billets are and what makes them useful. What is a Billet? A billet, also known as bar stock, is a relatively small and partly completed piece of metal that is often used to create finished products. Essentially, a billet is a section of metal that is rolled into bars, coils or cut in lengths to […]

Various Tests To Ensure The Best Quality TMT Bars

Steel is a crucial component of construction. It is only fitting that the quality of TMT bars, one of the most commonly used materials, is excellent. After all, building a structure is a huge exercise and investment that ought to yield consistent returns. The building needs to be strong and durable to survive wear and tear. TMT (Thermo Mechanically […]

Here’s Why We Still Use Steel In Construction

Simple answer, in addition to being ductile, steel is also a safe and affordable metal. Therefore, using steel for construction comes with many benefits, namely, quick construction, prefabrication, reduced weight, architectural design and sustainability and while this list is not exhaustive by any means, as India’s top TMT bar company, […]

The Scope Of Iron Mining Industry In India

India’s Natural Resources Civilizations have evolved since the time our ancestors discovered fire. We have since then identified and utilised various natural resources to create a world of comforts. Natural resources have played a huge role in global development – as can be seen from the growth of developed nations. Developing […]

The Guide To Buying The Best TMT Bars

If you are curious about the construction process or have begun construction on your dream home or office space, then you must have come across TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars, more commonly known as ‘Sariya’. Manufactured using a heating and cooling process that produces a tough exterior and a soft interior, ensuring strength […]

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