Month: July 2021

The Connect Between New Age Infrastructure And Steel

With the rising population and infrastructure all across the globe, industries and businesses are resorting to venues and solutions that are advanced and new in nature. Execution of construction projects and their delivery is a prime concern for engineers so that the customer or client do not face any difficulty in the complete […]

Various Benefits & Advantages Of Steel In Our Lives

With the incoming of a better lifestyle and advanced infrastructure, society saw the vast use and manufacturing of a robust material like steel. In very few decades, this material became a household name and is seen as the most common material to be used today. It is also the world’s most important engineering and construction […]

5 Sectors and Industries Where Steel Plays an Important Role

Steel is a popular commodity across industries that can be found anywhere and everywhere around you. From the house you live in and the car you drive to electrical gadgets and soda cans, steel is ubiquitous. The steel sector finds use in various sectors such as construction & infrastructure, engineering, fabrication, automotive, […]

Competition In Pellet Manufacturing In India

India is amongst the top 5 countries in iron ore pelletisation capacity. Palletizing is a process of converting very fine iron ore into uniform sized pellets, very convenient and fit for use in blast furnace and direct reduction furnace. Indian pellet manufacturing industries can be classified into two major categories. Pellet manufacturing for captive use […]

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