Year: 2021

Why choose TMT bars of integrated plants instead of small rolling mills?

India has experienced massive growth in terms of infrastructure and construction over the last decade. With more and more construction-related projects being taken up across the country, there is a rising demand for high-grade TMT bars. Thermo-mechanically Treated or TMT bars have become one of the most essential requirements for modern […]

Cost-saving tips while buying TMT bars

TMT bars play an undeniable role in the modern construction and infrastructure industry. Due to their superb flexibility, elongation, and ductility, TMT bars are popular choices for the construction of multi-story buildings, houses, as well as engineering structures. The enhanced protection provided by TMT bars makes it a good solution to […]

Which TMT Bar to buy for building your house?

The infrastructure and real estate industries have shown significant growth over the last decade. As India prepares for better construction and infrastructure, there is a massive rise in the demand for construction materials, including TMT bars, pig iron, pellets, and iron ores. If you’re looking to buy the best TMT bar for building your house, […]

Facts That Differentiate Sree Metaliks Manufacturing Plant From Others

Sree Metaliks is a leading iron mining company in India, incorporated in the year 1995, with the aim of manufacturing iron and steel products that are great in quality, are durable, and are safe for the environment. We have become a known brand in the iron mining industry for our sheer dedication, high-quality products, and unmatched customer […]

Benefits of SML Titan TMT Bars in High Rise Buildings

If you go up to your terrace and look around, you will notice something you wouldn’t have even five years ago. That something is the multitudes of high-rise buildings scattered across cities. These structures make up a large part of the infrastructure in most cities today. From high-rise apartments, towering malls, factories to large office […]

5 Essential Materials Needed For Building Construction in India

Sponge iron Iron Billets TMT Bar Iron ore Pig iron It takes a variety of significant materials to construct a dream project. Whether you are planning to build a commercial or a residential one, some essential materials make the construction process a lot easier. At Sree Metaliks Limited, we would love to cover all your […]

5 Tips to Make an Earthquake Resistant Building

For years now, our team at Sree Metaliks Limited has been constructing building materials that can stand against time and withstand natural disasters like earthquakes with ease. Earthquakes are one of the most destructive natural phenomenon as their seismic waves can destroy buildings and cause tremendous losses. The worst part […]

Concrete Vs. Sariya – What Makes A Structure Strong?

India has witnessed a giant leap and acceleration in construction activities over the last couple of years, owing to its increased development, economic growth, foreign investments, migration and urbanization. One can see modern structures being built across the country. This has led to an increase in the types of materials […]

The Guide To Iron Ore Pelletizing

Some reasons how iron ore pellets are useful All about iron ore pellets manufacturing Iron ore pellets are hardened, small spheres with a maximum diameter of about 20mm. They are mostly used as raw materials in iron/steel manufacturing industries such as Sree Metaliks. Pelletizing, as a process, was introduced to the world only post WWII. […]

Steel – The Core of Modern Infrastructure and Development

If we told you to imagine a world without steel, you would probably have to imagine back to the time of the stone age. That’s how indispensable steel has become to our everyday life. Ever since the industrial revolution accelerated the manufacture of steel, the modern world has never been the same. Every structure that is integral […]

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