A Tribute to our Founder Chairman​

A Tribute to our Founder Chairman

Today we may not be able to elaborate on the challenges in the life of our Founder Chairman, Late Shri Ram Charan Agarwal, but despite the challenges, his skills, accomplishments and entrepreneurship took shape in the form of Sree Metaliks which represents the challenges that he countered to build this great organization.

He built Sree Metaliks on a solid foundation that has seen constant growth from the beginning. Sree Metaliks, today, is a huge ferrous company with units spread throughout Odisha.

Late Shri Ram Charan Agarwal had always been a philanthropist and contributed to all kinds of social reforms, be it education, healthcare or providing employment to many. His contribution to the society is great and memorable.

Late Shri Ram Charan Agarwal

All of us at Sree Metaliks Limited revere him and remember his contribution and vision. We stand committed to following his principles and values, always.

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