5 Essential Materials Needed For Building Construction in India

It takes a variety of significant materials to construct a dream project. Whether you are planning to build a commercial or a residential one, some essential materials make the construction process a lot easier. At Sree Metaliks Limited, we would love to cover all your construction needs and provide you with the top 5 essential materials needed for the same. So, let’s get started with the options.

  1. Sponge iron:
  2. Have you been looking for top-notch sponge iron manufacturers in India? Well, your search now comes to an end, thanks to us. India is noted to be the largest producer of sponge iron in the world. It is mainly produced by following the coal production method. Moreover, the consistent availability of premium raw materials helps us enable cost-effective manufacturing of our products.

    • Sponge iron is a metallic item made by reducing iron ore directly in its solid state.
    • It is mainly used for making steel by following a secondary route.
    • We ensure to furnish and manufacture premium quality sponge iron at competitive rates, creating values for our stakeholders and clients.

    We have a separate sponge iron manufacturing plant designed to offer unmatched grade consistency and quality.

  3. Iron Billets:
  4. Sree Metaliks Limited is always the prime name that comes to your mind whenever you look for a top-quality iron billets manufacturer. We are one of the leading iron billet manufacturers in India, known for our unyielding high-quality standards.

    • We work on cast iron billets, made using strict guidance and vigilance of our experienced engineers.
    • We will manufacture the iron billets to match all your industrial standards.

    Our team addresses corrosion-resistant alloys to the billets to make them highly durable.

  5. TMT Bar:
  6. A strong core foundation is important if you want the construction to last long. The SML TITAN Bars will do the honour. We have a license from the Thermax Quenching System & Technology of Henningsdorfer Stahl Engineering and have been making a TMT bar with amazing flexibility and high strength.

    • These bars are thermo-mechanically treated by focusing on tempcore technology.

    The higher strength makes these bars perfect for manufacturing robust structures.

  7. Iron ore:
  8. For the iron and steel industry, iron ore is a pivotal mineral resources. We are your leading iron ore miners in India. Our team has its own captive mines. We utilize our resources in the integrated steel plants. Our main goal is to produce finished items like pellets, sponge irons, billets, TMT bars and more.

  9. Pig iron:
  10. We will use the power of our Mini Blast Furnace for manufacturing pig iron. Here, we make hot metal from the iron oxide burden by using coke as fuel and reductant. So, get premium-quality pig iron from our source and within your pre-set budget plans.

    These are the top 5 essential materials that every construction site will need in India. Rely on us for quality products, which are perfectly crafted using guided experience. For core details on the manufacturing essentials, please give us a call at our toll-free number at 18002021355, or you can email us at info@sreemetaliks.com.

5 Essential Materials Needed For Building Construction in India

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